The Global Community Retreat is our virtual retreat solution to get through the Covid19 crisis. 

A one week retreat, available for one month. 

Including all the elements of a real live retreat. 

Sign up and start your retreat in the comfort of your own home!


  • Global Connection

    Let's come together and create connection. You can do your part and help us all stay sane by choosing love over fear. We've got this. Together.

  • Different Yoga Styles

    New classes every single day. From restorative and yin to very active and powerful yang practises. For all levels and ages, let's move. Together.

  • Coaching and Follow up

    We genuinely care and want to be there for you. At least once a day, you can connect, live, with one of our retreat leaders. Sharing is key.

  • Cooking Classes

    3 chefs will show you the way. Live and completely adjusted to these very special times.

  • Kitchen Sadhana

    Let cooking become a therapeutic experience with simple meditative practices to bring into your kitchen.

  • Cooking 101

    Our chefs will support you with kitchen dilemmas and help with the basics.

  • Movement & Fitness

    Keeping fit during lockdown is essential. We will keep you active with a varied program.

  • Flex Your Mind

    Meditation and Relaxation Techniques. Strenghtening your mental immune system.

  • Qi Gong

    Starting with the basics, a highly effective way to calm your nervous system.

  • We've got this

    Uplifting, top notch coaching to overcome this massive challenge that is upon all of us. We are here for you.

  • Nutritional Medicine

    How can you actually protect yourseld and your loved ones from Covid19? Sharing evidence based information.

  • Philosophy

    What can we learn from ancient wisdom and how to transform all that in our, very disturbed, daily lives?

Do I need this retreat?

If you tick any or all of the following boxes... the answer is YES!

  • Covid19 is starting to make you anxious,

  • You love a good body work out, Yoga, Meditation,

  • You can use some help in the kitchen; some ideas and inspiration,

  • You would love to have someone to talk to and to just share your frustrations and fears with or someone who can motivate you to get things done,

  • You would like to be off line as much as possible so having it all in one place sounds great!

Meet Your Retreat Hosts

An Extraordinary Team, we just Love Retreats!

Beth Al Rikabi

Over the last few years I’ve learnt that saying yes to things that scared me was the best way to grow. 

Falling into cheffing entirely by chance, I’ve cooked in kitchens from Italy, Morocco and Ibiza as well as catering retreats, weddings and supper clubs in the UK. 

After working in kitchens across Bath, I set up Beth’s Bakes in 2008, creating all manner of quirky cakes. Having been vegetarian since I was 12, I soon realised my love of cooking and experimenting with vegetarian cuisine. 

Whilst freelancing with Fareshare Southwests’ Surplus Supper Club based in Bristol, I got my first taste of catering for large numbers of people. This experience also highlighted the massive issues surrounding food waste and forced me to think differently and be more creative, focusing on seasonal produce and being inventive. It was through this work that I was presented with the opportunity to chef at a yoga retreat in Italy for three months. I said YES and the Free Range Chef was born.

A passion for organic ingredients and cooking sustainably is what drives me to keep experimenting with food. 

Through travelling and working within different cultures I’ve learnt to adapt to unique situations and stay calm when problems arise. No kitchen is the same and there are various diets and ideas surrounding food that need to be explored. 

I’ve learnt so much from meeting new people, trying different things and experimenting with all sorts of produce. I love to recreate these experiences in the food that I make back in the UK for my customers so that they can taste the sunshine, glimpse other cultures and feel inspired to eat more veg.

This is why I feel positively equipped to come together with Rachel, Karen and Hayley and create the Global Community Retreat, a tonic for these strange and unsettling times.

Hayley North

Retreats can be a profound and transformational experience.

A retreat can benefit someone's life and create a ripple effect that lasts for many months or even years afterwards. 

I have had first hand personal experience of this and have witnessed it many times in others. 

Since participating in my first retreat back in 2000, I have been a regular retreat student and have gone on to specialise in this area within my work as a Yoga and Movement Teacher and as a Holistic Chef. 

In addition to my work retreat catering for clients, I have facilitated, hosted, taught and created many retreats of my own or in collaboration with others. 

I have worked on over 250 retreats worldwide and have lived for extensive periods in retreat centres in Goa, Italy and Portugal. 

In 2015, I co-created the The Holistic Kitchen Academy and we designed the first ever Retreat Chef Training programmes, that have since trained over 80 international retreat chefs.

In essence, it is the global community aspect of retreats that I love so much. This connection to others is what keeps me involved in this environment, as I thrive on meeting people from all over the world, discovering new cultures, understanding different experiences. 

The retreat experience affirms to me time and again how we are all one. I passionately believe that at this time the gifts of what a retreat can offer are needed more than ever. 

Karen Lee

In seemingly dreadful times, there are always glimmers of hope and positivity; that is what I discovered when my life suddenly crumpled around me after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, an incurable autoimmune condition.

Fortunately, as an intensive care nurse, I was equipped with an extensive knowledge of how our bodies work. Matching this with studies in nutritional medicine and a passion for amazingly tasty whole plant foods, I could help myself recover and stay well, and share that with others too. 

So now as The Sensitive Foodie, it is my joy to be able to run courses and workshops about plant-based eating for health and well-being as well as support people on a one to one basis. I’ve even published my first book Eat Well Live Well with The Sensitive Foodie. The glimmer of hope became full sunshine.

And that’s what I hope to share with you during our virtual retreat. Staying connected is so important in times of trouble;  it’s a wonderful opportunity to use this down time to connect with ourselves as well as life-minded people all around the world. Who knows what we will all discover! I am so looking forward to connecting and sharing my passion with you.

Rachel Bonkink

For the past 9 years, I have been lucky enough to organise and host the most amazing yoga retreats. Teaching and inspiring people, in any way I can is what I thrive on, it's who I am. 

Five days into the Covid19 crisis in self-isolation, I decided to continue with what I love doing. 

Why not organise a retreat?! NOW! 

A virtual one, with the same elements that make a nice retreat and awesome retreat. Where people from all over the world come together and help each other in staying sane. 

Ok, we might need to do some serious visualisation for the exotic location to pop up but all the rest? We can recreate all of it! Together. In this brand new world. Reality as we knew it, just a couple of weeks ago, will have to change anyway. 

My intention behind this retreat is to provide a safe heaven, to give you an opportunity to retreat whenever you need it and whenever you can

To have faith and to give faith to all of us that we can get through this. 

We are so much stronger than we think. 

Looking forward being your retreat host, yoga and meditation teacher, coach and philosophy teacher. Big words and titles, and to be honest, I just want to be here for yeh when you need me

At any point, please do not hesitate to contact me.

What Other People Say About Us


Beth is a wonderful retreat chef whose smile and energy fills our kitchen from the moment she arrives. Always happy to host her at our place in the Belgian Ardennes.” - Christophe and Bieke Minne, Ferme du Chateau, Belgium

It was healthy and very tasty. Every day another meal, inspired by another country. And Beth, your singing, your passion and the colours of the food, made it complete.”


"Having practiced Iyengar Yoga for many years, I felt that I needed a new approach to yoga. My body needed something else, to allow more space and softness inside, for my spirit to grow and expand.
Through working with Hayley, I discovered a whole new way of expressing myself through yoga, and a new approach to the asanas.

I immediately felt an enormous amount of trust, her practice and teaching has the capacity to be sensitive and at the same time so strong. The ability to see who you are and guide you deeper into your own body is absolutely extraordinary and she very lovingly helped my body to unfold like a beautiful flower
." - Ida, Yoga Student & Teacher, Denmark

"Hayley’s food is delicious, satisfying, varied and looks beautiful. Wholesome food can often be a bit dull, but this is the exact opposite – exotic, scrumptious and mouth-watering. - Nikki Escott, Retreat Manager UK

"After a week on retreat eating Hayley's food, I felt more balanced and nourished than I could remember, in fact  I decided to have 1-2-1 Skype coaching sessions with her afterwards to integrate new, nourishing eating habits into day to day life at home. 

I love how Hayley is a true holistic chef, taking many factors into account and supporting me to find what works for me. Her compassionate approach makes the process such a joy!" - Nathalie Joel Smith, Yoga Teacher, London


"Just thinking today how glad I was I did your course - especially now when we’re trying hard to keep extra healthy! I’ve done several of your recipes this week. - Rachel, East Sussex

"There are many people advising on nutritional wellness at the moment. The difference with Karen is that she comes from a background of intensive care nursing and has an extensive medical knowledge. This means she is able to back up her wonderful recipe suggestion with in-depth information about the effects of various foods and how they can combine together either to damage or promote good health". - Frances, West Sussex

"Karen is a wonderful speaker who inspires her audience to want to eat better in order to feel better. I really enjoyed the stories in her book as well as her tasty recipes; even my husband enjoys them!” - Renée, Portugal

"I found Karen’s course inspiring. I loved learning so much about how food affects our bodies and just how easy it is to make tasty and exciting food. From doing the course I have lost 1 ½ stone in weight and have reduced my blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It’s also reversed the early signs of diabetic retinopathy (an eye condition) so I am very happy."-  Sharon, Worthing, West Sussex


"Rachel is a fantastic leader, encouraging just the right balance of exploration and relaxation." - Jennifer Wisdom, NYC, USA

"Rachel creates a space for people to discover yoga, inspire their practise and reconnect. To try out new styles of yoga, to relax and have fun was wonderful. - Ann Mason, UK

"Rachel's passion and commitment to teaching an holistic approach to yoga shines out. She cares about what she does and this translates to very positive results." -  Tad, USA

"Rachel is a rare and wonderful teacher, intuitive, imaginative and caring. With skill, she creates a relaxed and secure environment that inspires growth and experimentation." - Matthew Allen, USA

"Rachel has a specific way of teaching yoga. It's because of her style that I got all the space I needed to look for an experience my boundaries and limits in yoga." - Linda De Wit, the Netherlands

Your On Line Retreat Schedule

This schedule gives you an idea of what your day might look like. Like on a real retreat, you follow what you like and, the schedule is open to changes.

The on line difference is that you can watch our videos whenever you want. That's why the 'where to meet spots' have replaced actual hours in the schedule.

This is a 7 day retreat with different lessons every day, you have access for 1 month. 

2 times a day, there is a live stream, you participate or not, as you wish ☺

  • Kitchen Patio

Morning drink for hydration with Hayley - How to make the ultimate anti-inflammatory infusion

  • Meditation Hut

Morning Meditation & Pranayama Practice with Rachel

  • Yoga Shala

Morning Yoga with Hayley - Feet, Pelvis/Hips, Shoulders: undoing tension, landing in the body

  • Kitchen

Breakfast class with Karen - LIVE

  • Poolside

Living Your Yoga Talk with Rachel - How to be happy in a time like this? 

  • Kitchen

Making lunch with Beth

  • Community hang out time

Beth, Hayley, Karen or Rachel will be on line and hold a live open space (on Zoom) for whoever wants to come and chat, share, meet others. - LIVE

  • Kitchen Patio

Snack time with Hayley, discussing quick and simple healthier snack alternatives to sugary junk food quick fix snacks. - LIVE

  • Yoga Shala

Afternoon Yin Yoga with Rachel 

  • Kitchen

Dinner class with Karen - what to do with quinoa? - We discuss ideas on how to make a tasty and very simple meal

  • Snug

Hayley shows you how to make a medicinal mushroom latte 

  • Meditation Hut

Yoga Nidra for relaxation, revitalizing and better sleep with Rachel

If not Now, then When?

We can't think of a more perfect time than now to have all the elements that make an awesome retreat in one place. Available whenever you want!

Here's What you Get

Global Community Retreat: Starting April 4th, 2020

  • An Ongoing Virtual Retreat: supporting you to stay sane in these crazy times

  • New Daily Movement Classes: including different yoga styles, from very relaxed to very active

  • Two Live Stream Moments Per Day: to connect with your hosts and other participants

  • Meditation Classes: different techniques, different durations, yoga nidra

  • Cooking Classes: for all 'levels' by experienced retreat chefs; everything from how to cook quinoa to baking an indulgent cake, meal plans and personal Q&A's

  • Group Coaching Calls: to inspire you to make the absolute best out of an absolute horror of a time

  • Evening Entertainment: just like on a real retreat

  • Create A Therapeutic Kitchen: showing you how mindfulness and simple meditative practices can transform your kitchen and cooking experience

  • Evidence Based Information: on how to boost both your mental and physical immune system

  • All The Elements (and more!): of a week long retreat, and you can take a month to check it all out!

Just Relax...

Practical Tools and Diversion to every now and then, Escape the world, and come back even stronger.

Find peace of mind, through Meditation and Relaxation Techniques that can help you feel calmer and grounded in unsettling times.

Our guest teachers will enlighten and encourage us to do Zumba, dance, sing and make music together. You can also just watch :)

It's New, it's Exciting and not Free

The world as we knew it, just a couple of weeks ago, has undergone some massive shifts. Virtual is the future that arrived way too soon and it's not the same as real life. But, it's certainly the next best thing. So, as much as we would have liked to offer it all for free, we're now committed to the Global Community Retreats as being our job for the coming weeks, maybe even months. We understand that many people, like us, have no idea about their future finances so we have set the price to 49 Euros for this first month, in order for it to be very accessable. 

Ready to come on Retreat with us?