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Meet Your Retreat Hosts

Although we prefer the term ... Retreat Musketeerettes!

Creating a Global Community Retreat, where people respect each other is not just a nice catchy marketing thing. We truly believe that we can be immensely different and respect each other, hey, even work together! ... like we do! 

Karen Lee is an experienced naturopathic nutritionist, food experimenter and a passionate advocate of the whole food plant based diet. Beth Al Rikabi, also a brilliant chef, with a tiny bit of a passion for everything cheese and 'a touch of egg'.
They both chef on this retreat. 

Hayley North is teaching a rather Scaravelli inspired yoga style. Rachel Bonkink loves sun salutations and Yin.
They both teach on this retreat.

What brings us together is a passion for teaching, sharing, caring and inspiring, in any way we can. And, the idea that every single person is unique. Not two bodies or situations are the same; we just want you to feel well

The Nourishing Joy Weekend Retreat is our Third online Retreat Experience together. And, we sincerely hope you will join us to Connect, Heal and have a lot of Fun together! 

Inspiration & Motivation

We're always so happy when people share their home made creations and experiences!

Get your Groove on...

Evening Entertainment!

What a Gift, for the third time in a row, Beth and Zaid from The People's String Foundation perform, just for you.
The People's String Foundation Zoom

Nourishing Joy Retreat, Join at Any Time!

15 days access to all content

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    Welcome to your Online Weekend Retreat

    • Happy that you are here!

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    Menu and Recipes

    • Nourishing Joy Weekend Menu

    • Dinner from Beth - Sweet Potato Fritters

    • Dessert from Karen - Strawberry tarts

    • Kitchen - Breakfast with Hayley: Coconut & Goji Granola

    • Lunch from Beth - Rainbow Salad with Minty Pea Dip

    • Snack from Beth - Figgy Rolls

    • Kitchen - Dinner with Hayley: Aubergine Balls in Tomato Sauce (Polpette di melanzane al sugo)

    • Dessert from Beth - Rosemary and Mint Granita

    • Breakfast with Karen - Sprouted Lentil Pancake

    • Kitchen - Lunch with Hayley: Raw Pad Thai

    • Snack from Karen - Almond and Cardamom bites

    • Dinner with Karen - Herby Cauliflower Rice with Marinated Mushrooms

    • Dessert from Beth - Date and Ginger Sticky Pudding

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    Friday Evening

    • Welcome Circle

    • Yoga Nidra with Rachel

    • Top tips for inner joy

  • 4


    • Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation

    • Yoga with Daniela and Rachel

    • Resilience - Heart, Blood and Iron - Talk with Karen

    • Inner Wellbeing - Contentment & Joy : Yoga Philosophy with Rachel

    • Yoga with Hayley

    • Evening Entertainment: Concert!

  • 5


    • Sharpening Attention Skills Meditation

    • Vision Board of Joy

    • Qi Gong with Hayley

    • Seasonal Food Stories & Folklore with Beth

    • Anti Ageing and Skin care Botox or Berries? with Karen

    • Yin Yoga with Rachel

    • Closing Circle

    • How You can bring Us Supreme Joy!

    • Great Song & Reading Material

    • Sustainable Change Ideas

Truly Recharge During the Weekend!